10 Days The Big Five Safari and Lake Natron

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10 Days The Big Five Safari and Lake Natron

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Looking for a memorable vacation visiting the most important safari parks in Tanzania? The “Faru” Safari is a 10-day Safari in Tanzania in which NC Safaris offers you a private safari, with exclusive use of the 4×4, a personal guide, highly rated lodgings, and personal assistance before, later, and during the entire safari.

General Info
  • The safari will last 10 days.
  • Destinations: Tarangire, Manyara, Ngorongoro, Serengeti and Lake Natron
  • Lunch: picnic
  • Breakfast and Dinner: at Lodge
Arrival at Kilimanjaro Airoport and transfer to Arusha city
Welcome to Tanzania! After your arrival at Kilimanjaro's airport there will be the NC Safaris guide waiting for you to take you to Arusha where you will be able to rest in Hotel or simply have a small look around the City.
Safari in Tarangire National Park
The Tarangire National Park takes the name from the river that crosses it, dividing it in half. The waters offer refreshment to all the animals of the area during the dry season. In this park we'll get in the action of the photo-safari and you will be able to take as many photos as you would like of the herds of stately elephants, African pythons (able to climb on the trees) and the gigantic baobabs.
Safari in Lake Manyara National Park
The safari continues with the tour of the Lake Manyara National Park, one of the Tanzanian parks with the highest biodiversity. With an area of only 330 square km, with 230 of those occupied by the lake, it is possible to experience five different ecosystems. The park is inhabited by over 380 types of birds and a high number of animal kind including: elephants, buffalos, zebras, giraffes, leopards, lions, baboons, hippos, antelopes, warthogs and so many others. Prepare your cameras!
Ngorongoro Crater
Today the safari will be dedicated to the exploration of the Ngorogoro crater and the surrounding area. In the morning we'll have a short visit to Karatu village. The Ngorongoro crater is of one of the most beautiful landscapes to the world, where we can admire the dormant volcano and the nature that surrounds it. In the park it will be possible to see the "Big Five": elephants, buffalos, lions, leopards and rhinos, but you should also take note that around that area, there are approximately 30,000 animals and a great variety of bird-species.
Serengeti National Park
Today is the day of the Serengeti National Park! To reach it we will cross the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. During the trip we'll able to proceed with the photo-safari and we'll have pic-nic lunch. Once reached the entry of the Park you will have time to climb to the panoramic point near Naabi Gate where you will able to take a wonderful photo-memory. The photo-safari will continue in Serengeti and we'll reach the lodge or the Tent-Camp for dinner. The Serengeti is the most famous park in Tanzania, known in all over the world for his boundless lowlands, the migration of the wildebeests, the prides of lions and the other raiders such as hyenas, cheetahs, leopards, jackals and crocodiles. The 'Serengeti' word means “Endless Plain” - the name really couldn't be more appropriate.
&Day 7 - Serengeti National Park
These two day will entirely be dedicated to the visit of endless lowlands of the Serengeti park with special attention to the Great migration. We can meet wild predators such as leopards, cheetahs, and lions, but also the great herbivores such as wildebeests. The National Park of the Serengeti is one of the principal attractions of the entire African continent.
From Serengeti National Park to Natron Lake
We will leave the Serengeti Park with a last photo-safari going towards the Lake Natron. During the trip we'll stop in various panoramic points from which you can see the Rift Valley, Oldoinyo Lengai, the lake, and the surrounding panorama. If you would like, your guide can take you to on a hike to a waterfall, where you will be able to have refreshing swim.
Lake Natron
This day we'll watch the sunrise on the banks of the Lake Natron where we'll see the flamingos and quietly enjoy the gaze of a unique panorama. As a tip: The ground around the lake is slippery and muddy, so make sure to pay attention to your footing and wear appropriate shoes. The day continues and, after breakfast, we'll proceed to a hike to another waterfall where you can bathe, swim, and see a geyser. Following this small excursion, a guide will accompany us to a Maasai village to closely observe the tribal culture
Transfer to Kilimanjaro Airport
The safari in Tanzania is close to the ended, but before departing you will able to spend some time in local villages and markets for shopping. Your safari guide will assist you with directions and suggestions.

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